2018 Annual Golf Outing

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noun: golf
  1. A game played on a large open-air course, in which a small hard ball is struck with a club into a series of small holes in the ground, the object being to use the fewest possible strokes to complete the course.
  2. Yet, another four letter word often used interchangeably with other expressive four letter words when your ball goes elsewhere from where you were aiming!

Hello, Everyone!

We at the Baking Courtesy Club of Chicago could not be more proud or excited about the golf event we have planned for this year. I was thrilled to be asked to chair this year’s golf outing as it is a big year for our club! Not only are we celebrating our 90th year as a club, we are introducing a new campaign to take our club to the next level. We commit this for our current and new members, our baking community in Chicago, and our support of our national affiliations.

Yes, this year we have stepped it up and will hold our outing at the Harborside International Golf Center, located with picturesque views of our favorite City of Chicago. Read some of the reviews to the right about the venue we have chosen; Harborside International Golf Center.

We ask you to register as early as possible as activity is already heating up!

What can you count on?

  • Great Networking
  • Great Golf
  • Great Prizes
  • An opportunity to bring your best game to an exciting venue

Can you stand up to the pressure when your next shot is best targeted between the Sears Tower and the Hancock as they are fully displayed as an exciting backdrop to your tee-shot? This is truly a “Chicago” experience!

As we look to support the baking community both locally and nationally, we also encourage you and your company to become a sponsor for this well attended event! What a great bang for your buck and another super opportunity to network as a supporter of the BCC of Chicago!

We will be in touch with more detail as the date approaches to make sure this date is a “must” on your calendar for August 14th! Don’t miss it!

Thank you kindly,

Jim Kelly


2018 Golf Chair
BCC of Chicago

Warner & Warner Packaging | Director of Sales and Marketing
National Sales Offices ~ 4422 N. Riverdale Drive, McHenry, IL 60051 | cell 847-650-4010
jim.kelly@warnerpackaging.com | www.warnerpackaging.com
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