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The Bakers Courtesy Club of Chicago (BCC) is a regional chapter of the ATBI, and serves the baking industry by providing networking, educational and service opportunities for its members. We do this alongside our duties of helping the ASB at Baking Tech annually each year. We proudly include bakery suppliers and manufacturers dedicated to giving back to the broader bakery industry that provide our country with such staples as bread, rolls, tortillas, cakes, cereals, cookies and crackers.

Many retired members of the industry continue as members of the BCC long after their days of industry service are done, which remains a testament to the club and the bakery industry as a whole. Our club is dedicated to giving back, not only to the greater bakery industry with time and talent… but additionally… through the support of our member contributions within our local communities, as a whole.

This support is based upon the time-honored principle that “what goes around comes around” and the Bakers Courtesy Club of Chicago members have always been first to step up for a “cause.” We would like to offer a personal thanks to those contributing organizations and BCC members that are part of our annual efforts to better the communities we serve. Please read our article about the French Pastry School and the BCC’s local efforts this summer. We could not do it without you…. and for that… Thank You!


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Disclaimer:  Majority of the images and articles in this blog have been sourced and uploaded by members of our club as they were found to be relevant to the Baking Industry.  The BCC does not claim ownership of any article or post not written by a member of the BCC, and always gives credit to the original poster.