A Rich History….. A Proud Heritage

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The Bakers Courtesy Club of Chicago has come a long way since its humble beginnings 90 years ago. Since early 1928 when a few allied members of the baking industry decided to come together to offer assistance and a helping hand to the American Society of Baking’s annual Conference in Chicago, more than hundreds of men and women have been able to proudly say they have been part of the rich tradition and history of the club.

The Bakers Courtesy Club’s ability to thrive and yes, even in light of all the baking industry challenges and changes over the recent years…. survive…. is a testament to the vision of the original group’s idea of offering ‘courtesy’, support, networking, and friendship.

Ed Heina, a past president and long-time member of the club attributes the organization’s achievements and longevity to the dedication of its members. “We couldn’t have achieved our sustained success over the past 90 years without the support and efforts of our allied leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to create a rich and rewarding experience.”

From building a new club website… to expanding networking/relationship opportunities…. growing our golf event and holiday party…. increasing our support for the veteran community….as well as supporting baking students in the local community…. the Bakers Courtesy Club has evolved and withstood the test of time for 90 years strong.

Today, our current Leadership Team is committed to making the club a rewarding experience to both attract and retain the “next generation” of baking industry leaders that will take the club through the next 90 years, and continue to build on the time-honored traditions of the past, while growing and building the club for “tomorrow.”

Help us celebrate our 90th anniversary at this year’s holiday party in December at Gene & Georgetti’s Restaurant, in Rosemont, IL. Come help us blow out the 90 candles!


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