Vet2Tech & BCC Partnership

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Partnerships

In 2013 Members of the Bakers Courtesy Club of Chicago met with a group called Vet2Tech involved in finding worthwhile jobs for returning Veterans in the Foodservice Industry. As our relationship grew we were able to expose them to the Baking Industry by having them attend Baking Tech in Chicago (world’s premier Baking Conference) and meet important organizations such as the American Society of Baking, American Baking Association and the International Baking Industry Exposition. They participated at our annual Golf Outings by hosting water and cooling station on the golf course which allowed them to meet all of our guests while explaining what they were doing for returning Veterans.

These led to others events where Vet2Tech was invited to attend and speak at meetings & conferences with the American Baking Association and the International Baking Industry Exposition. Since their beginning in 2012 they have found jobs for over 3,000 Veterans. They have also moved into other industries where Vet2Tech is doing great things for Veterans. Now that we have helped them along we have found a new worthwhile organization to support: The French Pastry School of Kennedy King College where we will be sponsoring one of their students. The chosen student along with faculty will be at our annual golf outing August 14, 2018 at Harborside International Golf Center, Chicago, IL.

We have relished the friendship and relationship with Vet2 Tech and wish them continued success. We hope to see founders Carol Multack & George Nicholson at our future events.


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